How I Spent Sunday at Stitches West

I got to meet Ravelry's Jess and Casey! And they had a way cool portrait up in the ravelry logo made of tiny pictures of other things--you know the style. [Turns out those pictures are everyone's avatars on ravelry!!!]

And they were nice enough to humor me and take a photo.

Here are two parts of the felted "gossamer" scarf I made in one session today. It needs a bit more battening down. I got really excited about this type of art and went and bought some roving and even a silk "hanky" for embellishing the very top. So much fun!
Time to go grade exams. Sigh.


Susan said...

I'm so jealous! Looks like a lot of fun. And we get to see you.

Jejune said...

Oh wow, how cool to have met JEss and Casey!! What a neat idea about the logo made of everyone's avatars, too :D

Love that gossamer lacey stuff - very effective!