FOs and a little quick knitting

I have been trying to knit a little again and test out the old shoulder. Not terrible but not pain-free either. A pillow under my elbow is a good thing, I've discovered. Sometimes I am getting pain in the other shoulder as well, in both cases across the front of my shoulder and collar bone. I notice the pain when I'm driving, interestingly enough. But enough about me. Here's some of my knitting.

Remember in December I finished a hat for Big Brother Chance? Here he is modeling it for me. His dad says he wears it all the time, which is a good thing because it has been darned cold in NoCal this January and February. My guess is he won't need it from here on out, but I'm thrilled he has worn it so much. I promised him another hat in any color he wants when he outgrows this one. Note to self: time to make something for Little Brother Ryder (born in December) that can be worn in warmer weather.

I have also finished the Diversity scarf from Purlescence, and am pretty happy with it except that I don't like tassels and the finish work doesn't please me (my own finish work, I should point out). I also struggled with the too tight bind off, which is a bitch with horizontally knit scarves. Something I need to learn some tricks for (use a huge needle to bind off with?) if I'm to make a horizontal scarf in future. I'd love to do the Diversity again, as it is so gorgeous and striking. I am also a big fan of Bazic wool (superwash too) for its amazing texture and softness.

From the remnants, I knitted this little four-row/color skater-dude cap for a baby--don't know which yet. It's not a good one for flipping up with a brim, so its stretchiness will have to save it, unless the baby is a peanut head. 8^)

Another FO: Here's the Beribboned bonnet that I made a few weeks ago, with the right ribbon threaded through it now. I found it at Stitches West actually, and it's probably rayon. Very soft and shiny, pretty. I had tried something I got at the craft store which had a nice pattern but was so stiff and scratchy, and soaking it did nothing to improve this. So out it came, and I waited till I could find a better option. This little hat is for my BFF Robin's granddaughter Lilly, who is about 7 months old now. It will fit her this spring and no more, but it's a nice hat and I am actually proud of it!

Last FO:
Finally, I made a mindless drop stitch scarf out of some leftover Homespun and another carrying yarn, which resulted in a soft scarf, but I am totally over the novelty/acrylic/homespun type yarn thing. So someone who needs a warm scarf in those colors will enjoy it I think.

Hope you're all knitting happily when you get the chance! Wishing you warmer, nicer weather too.


KSee said...

Love the scarf and the bonnet. Is the pattern available? I have a new baby girl in the family now to knit for.

Susan said...

Love the scarf & yes a larger, by quite a bit, needle will help with binding off. And the sweater is for me if I can stand knitting it.