Crazy Cat Lady Mel is having another contest!

If you haven't met Mel, go read her blog and find out all the details about her contest benefiting Interim House. For her birthday each year she holds a contest like the one I had earlier this year, in which those who donate yarn and etc. to the women at Interim House get their names put into a drawing, and on her birthday 8-8 she chooses a name and the winner takes all! As she said last year, according to her SIL, Mel gives good prize. I know because I WON last year!

And I was just getting ready to send stuff to IH too! So as soon as I return from the lovely Dayton, Ohio, I'll get my stuff together and send it to them. Be sure to check out the contest rules on Mel's site, but it's really very simple. Give generously, send a postcard from your part of the world, take a picture of it before you send it off and then let Melissa know you sent it (and what). Then keep your fingers and toes crossed (might slow down the knitting speed though!) that yours will be the name she chooses.

Bon chance everyone!

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crazycatladymel said...

Thanks for spreading the word!!