Baby Kimono looking good!

Now THIS is a baby sweater and I'm so proud of it! Compared to the hideous mistake I was knitting on before, this makes sense as I'm knitting it, and the M1 with a YO is creating the prettiest lacy placket. Here's a closeup of the increase--
I've actually done most of the second front flap, while watching TV last night, and I messed that up and frogged back to the shoulder and did it RIGHT. Fortunately on this sweater, when I got something wrong, I've been able to see what the mistake was and fix it. The direx are quite manageable.

I finished that hat I was mentioning recently and I think it turned out nice. It is also very soft.

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Bells said...

that kimono is looking totally beautiful Stacie. I so have to make one. Every time I see one I say this so one day I figure I will. You're doing a beautiful job.