I read Karen's fun answers to a meme she was tagged with, and at the end I realized [oooofph] I'd been tagged too! Funny, I was already on it, fascinated with what my birthday means and has meant through the ages. So here's the meme:

On Wikipedia, enter your birth month and day only, and it gives you lists of important things that day signifies. Find three events in history, two birthdays, and one holiday celebrated on your birthday.

Mine's January 15, so I already knew a few of them (I get a three-day weekend for my birthday every year since the early 80s!!)


Jan. 15, 1559--Elizabeth I crowned queen of England

Jan. 15, 1870--a political cartoon for the first time represents the Democratic Party with a donkey (in caption it was referred to as a jackass--hmmmm, wonder if the cartoonist was partisan??!)

Jan. 15, 1919--Great Molasses Flood of Boston

Jan. 15, 1943--Japanese forces driven off Guadalcanal

Jan. 15, 1991--UN deadline for Iraq to remove its troops from Kuwait passes without compliance, signaling the start of Desert Storm


Jan. 15, 1622, Moliere, French playwright (that's cool--Tartuffe! The Miser! woo-hoo!)

Jan. 15, 1929, Martin L. King, Jr. (know'ed that!)

It was a bonanza really: Aristotle Onassis, Edward Teller, a porn star or two, three WWF wrestlers, the founder of the first SPCA (in Ireland, late 1700s, who’da thunk it?), Jean Bugatti (um people, it's a really cool sports car from past times), Ernest J. Gaines (author of A Lesson Before Dying), Chad Lowe [sound you hear is a raspberry!] and Howie Day (I think he's the singer of that song, "Collide"?).

And the very exciting holiday: Jan. 15 is Korean alphabet day in North Korea (why does that sound like more work for the little children?)

Now, who's getting tagged? It's Bells, Amanda, and Sue. What exciting and interesting things have happened on YOUR birthdays in history?

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