Some FO's I forgot to show you

Here's a hat and scarf that I made using Buffalo Gold (a little gift to myself for Christmas), Tahki Bunny (aqua and lime stripes) , and something teal blue that I don't remember. I need to finish off the edges of the horizontal scarf (it got sort of rough looking where all the ends are woven). I crocheted the bottom edges of the hat and think I did a pretty good job, though I have a long ways to go to be comfortable with crochet. Both the hat and the scarf are dreamy soft, and when the scarf gets a tad itchy (the Bunny has wool in it), I just loosen it and it's fine.

Also at Christmastime, I made this pink piece as a snood (cowl) but decided it was too itchy to bear, so I decided to sew one end and felt it, and now I'm making a heating pouch with rice and lavender to slip into it, adding closures, and giving it to someone I know who can always use something soothing to heal whatever ails her.

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Sue H said...

Good idea. If something isn't working for you, make it into something else. I'm sure your friend will really appreciate that heat pouch.
The hat and scarf look good.