Knitting everywhere my needles take me

Last week, at Yosemite, I hiked a hellacious demanding trail with the family up to the Mariposa Grove of redwoods. Turned out fine and the foot didn't give me too much trouble, but when we reached the museum only to find it closed (season isn't started yet I guess), I pulled out the latest project and sat down to rest.

It's going to be a felted bag but since I don't know how this yarn felts up, I'll have to decide later if it's a market tote or a purse. It's Araucania and I love the speckledyness of it, but the wool is quite rough and I have a bit of rash or eczema or something where the yarn goes through my fingers. So I've started knitting some softer things to keep it interesting; and I am finishing my Katrina tank too with that lovely rayon yarn, so I'll survive.

I have had no time to knit in the past week, from the end of the vacay until last night, since work is pretty much at full bore right now with paper grading; test devising; test grading; observing teaching candidates; attending meetings; finalizing curriculum change requests; touching bases with teachers who, shall we say, have issues; and much more that I am blissfully amnesiac regarding. So last night with the DH at a poker game I turned on CSI Miami and watched reruns (sometimes for the fourth time!) while knitting, just for the pure vegetative powers thereof. Oh yeah, I never have revealed that it is NOT my April Fool's claim of David Caruso as heart-throb who keeps me watching, but actually Adam Rodriguez who floats my boat. Sigh.


Sue H said...

Good to hear your foot is holding up. Seems this weekend was a week for a lot of people getting away from it all.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a vacation :-)and glad you got some kniting in

home stretch on my log cabin - pictures next week

DO you teach college or HS.