It's all a lie--I could never give up knitting, and certainly not for little Mr. Man!

[Sadly, I have to report that I've finally realized that what little knitting time I have, always spent watching CSI Miami reruns, has accidentally led me to a new love, and that I will probably not be blogging much on knitting anymore.

I'm in love with David Caruso and have started a fan site to share this love with others who have realized that he's the consummate actor, an understated but dreamy metrosexual (check out his manicure!), and just a total hunk.

I woke up and admitted I needed to focus on this when, last week, I got almost no knitting done on the Katrina tank because, watching CSI Miami, I would stop knitting without even realizing it, and just watch the show. Oh, and occasionally wipe a little blob of drool away, in scenes with DC.

I love how he wields a gun. And holds the hand of the dying character, looks into his or her unfocused eyes, and says, "Just hold on, hold on, I'm here."

Sigh. Such a total man. Sorry folks. Guess I'll be posting my knitting paraphernalia on destash.com this week.]


Anonymous said...

too funny

http://staciesadventures.blogspot.com said...

Glad someone thinks so--my family just think I am a bit deranged!