Angels in blankets; updates on UFO's

This is my friend Pat's baby, Angelina, being held by Pat's mother, who is visiting from Toronto. Angelina is aptly named, as I have never seen a baby who looked so much like a little angel. (My girls looked a bit more like Winston Churchill as infants, as I remember it.)

I took the baby blanket when I went to visit her and Pat last weekend, and Pat seemed to really like it and was very sweet about it (even though it will have to be handwashed--I'll never do this again!). She also emailed me the other day that Angelina had "used" her blanket for the first time and liked it. :^)

I've now got the front panel of the Katrina tank done and am suffering from finishing paralysis. Should I just go for it with mattress stitch? Should I try to pick up stitches and do a three-needle bind off on each side? I gave up on the idea of sewing with the machine, since the Knitting Novices advice I got (which sounded likely) was NOT to do that, since it wouldn't be stretchy. When I get that settled and done, I am ready to do the arm holes and neckline part, which doesn't scare me, since I know the pattern now. But somehow the side seams are keeping me at bay.

Almost finished with another longtime UFO, the Deanna purse. I have tried several things, none of which seemed right for the handle. Finally got some more Malabrigo (while up at Gold Country with the family, in a lovely shop in Sonora called By Hand Yarn) so I knitted up the strap last night while watching Thank You For Smoking (I liked it!). Felted it, and it is now drying out on the paver stones. When it's done, I will use the machine to sew it to the body of the purse. Then, a magnetic closure (first time, some help from my engineer DH), and it will be ready to gift.

I'm noticing that I seem inclined to that knitters' peril, the desire to start another project before finishing the first one(s). But as long as I am sticking to the stash for that purpose, I think it's OK. I have worse issues. ;^)

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Bells said...

oh Katrina is looking very, very good Stacie!

Your Churchill comment made me giggle.