I been outta town, folks!

Goodbye to the spirit of "aloha" and pineapple/papaya/banana breakfasts. Goodbye to doing what you want when you want to. It was fun while it lasted!

And now I get to return to real life, after the gorgeous and relaxing world of O'ahu.

If you're counting, there are now ONLY TEN MORE DAYS to mail off your yarn donations to Interim House and email me your shipment, so I can put you in the running for the Jordana Paige bag filled with goodies.

Here's the addy:
Kathy Duffy, Social Worker
Interim House Inc.
333 W. Upsal St.
Philadelphia PA 19119

Remember, they like receiving a postcard or short note telling them a bit about your part of the world.


Connie said...

I already got a thank you note from Kathy. Its so nice that they send you a note everytime you send them something. Also Brenda Dayne mention them on Cast On this week, so they should get lots of stuff from that!

Michelle said...

how should we email you our shipment? I just saw your post on one of my yahoo groups, and I was contemplating a massive destash on etsy. I like this idea much better. :) Do they accept hooks too? I have a tunisian crochet hook that I have 2 of, so I can get rid of one. Thought they might like them as they probably don't get a lot of them.

http://staciesadventures.blogspot.com said...

On the latest web entry here you'll see the addy for Interim House, where you send the yarn etc. You just need to email me (top right of my main page)when you've shipped it so that I can add your name to the contest "hat." Thank you so much for your contributions! ~Stacie