Yup, you have eight days to mail off your package to Interim House and email me with your contact info, so that on Feb. 28 I can pull a name out of a hat and make someone a very happy camper (knitter!). What is shown in the picture is not the whole prize package either--a few other goodies are included!

And if that isn't enough to motivate you to send some of your stash to the knitting project in Philly, my DD3 is going to bake some of her always-tasty cookies when it's all ready to go, so that we can include a sweet incentive! You get your choice of peanut butter, chocolate chip, shortbread (the best ever!), or perhaps a surprise if you prefer. She can also make some of these cookies vegan if you prefer.


Bells said...

i swear my package is sitting at home waiting to be posted. I just need pay day to arrive!

Oh and I'll take the peanut butter, thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

oohhh - cookies - YUMMMMMM!!!!!!