Thanks, Cate!

Got your note, Cate, and your WOTA and other yarns will be much appreciated at Interim House! Please be sure to email me from your own contact email address when you have sent them a shipment, so that I can put your name in the hat for my drawing.

Tomorrow I'll catch up with my knitting projects and a request for advice!

Hey, does anyone besides me LOVE The Sopranos? I just got the memo and started watching it a few weeks ago, and now I look forward to every new episode. Even the theme song is outstanding! I love how Tony and Carmela don't have a totally dysfunctional relationship, even though there are huge issues, and that they are pretty darn good parents. I say that knowing that perhaps people who keep guns and ammo in the kitchen cabinets might not be ideal parents ;^) but still. They are totally complex characters. Yeah, I'm probably saying what everyone else says about why this show is so great, but I as I said, I just got the memo.

Happy knitting and Sopranos watching, y'all!


Kate said...

My mom & I got addicted to Soprano's 2 chistmas's ago - we probably spent $50 renting all the DVDs from blockbuster. I put a picture on my blog if you're curious, I'm mailing oddles of yarn this weekend over to the Interim House (I'm email you when it's done.... it may be next weekend due to the Fun Fur I want out of my house). I'll include some patterns too, I just found your original contest post (when searching for what to link the word "contest" to) so there probably won't be kits, but I'll include some fun patterns." said...

Wow, two Kates in just a few days! Thanks, new Kate, for your contributions to Interim House!