28 days and counting, people!

Yup, it's 28 more days until I draw a name out of a hat for the Jordana Paige Prize Package!! Scroll down to see more about this.

I have a three part story to tell. First this is the tear-off calendar entry for StitchNBitch today:

Wartime knitting initiatives witnessed huge spikes in production after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when it was reported that more knitting projects were begun in the two days following the attack than in the preceding three months. The knitting center of a college for women in New Jersey ran out of wool within 48 hours! Wait—colleges used to have knitting centers?

Sent this email to a few fambly members:

Just read this fun fact from my Stitch N Bitch tear-off calendar. I guess college used to be way more fun back then, and that those who knitted got more respect. :^) --Not that I'm saying I get no respect. Ahem.

Then my dear sister sent me this information, and a perfect bon mot to use at will--see the last line.

This reminds me of something I read in an WS essay--young women college students used to all bring their knitting to classes in their "girls colleges"; they were encouraged to do so by their (often female) professors, as it "helped them think better." Can you imagine having great discussions re: Stalin, Joyce, or the Panama Canal while in a sea of knitting? In fact, one of the complaints women students had when most girls' colleges became coed was that knitting was no longer encouraged. : > Put that on your needles and purl it.

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