Interim House update

I looked at the amazing array of knitted items being made by the women of Interim House in Philadelphia, and was thrilled to find a note from Kathy, who runs the knitting project (among other things) there:

I have received notices that Stacie is having a contest for us and we have received some packages already. Thank you all so much and we love it when you add something about where you are from. I always read the notes to the clients and talk about the different parts of the country. People have also asked if we would like odds and ends of yarn. Yes!! Our women are so creative. What many of them are doing is making long scarves on circulars casting on 150 stitches and changing colors and textures every couple of rows so they are always looking for bits and pieces of something different from what they have.

So if you haven't gotten your mailing ready yet, here are some great ideas. I forgot to include information about my neck of the woods when I sent my box last week, but I encourage you to send a postcard or just jot down a little about what your region is like, whether it be rural, suburban (like mine), or urban. The US (indeed, the WORLD) is so big and so varied and people who haven't seen much of it find that the vistas open up when they begin to imagine life further afield. I must be mixing metaphors so I'll end for now. Get your mailing ready this weekend, and you can get it to Interim House by next week!

Contest info? Scroll down!

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Bells said...

oh what a lovely idea to include something about where we're from in the package. I'll do that for sure. I hope they enjoy something Australian!