Recently finished projects

I have finished a few things lately but not had the time to post them. First, remember that felted purse that I mentioned a few entries ago? It turned out great! Most of it is Paton's soy silk, with some plain brown wool for the bottom. I did three strands of I-cord for the handle and sewed them together and to the purse before felting. After a serious trim, the felted purse came out looking less like a psychedelic Malamute and more like a spiffy purse! I've even had a serious request for one in a series of teal shades. [Hey, requests? I'm ON it.]

I made a baby washcloth last week for a friend's shower in yellow Cotton Tots, and it was the perfect tie-on for the gift bag. I wish I'd taken a pic of it, but I did it freeform with the basic pattern I'd used for that tea cozy last week. I liked the feel of Cotton Tots and have some left over for future baby items.

Still working away at the baby blanket for Angelina, who is due around the first of April I think. It's an easy pattern but I still mess it up sometimes and have to tink a partial row (usually on the K1P1 row), but fortunately I haven't done anything worse. Got major progress done on it last night while watching an interesting foreign film (The Garden of the Finzi-Continis) which it turns out is old, from 1970. It was an early Nazi/Holocaust movie in that genre, so I think it was just beginning to touch on all the issues therein. But I was mesmerized and managed to knit without looking at my work much more often than usual. I had to be careful though (see above re: tinking).

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