Paean to My Rosewood Needles

I love knitting, and I knit pretty happily with several types of needles, including my new Denise Interchangeables. But for sheer happy project knitting no matter what, it's these rosewoods, no contest.

I got them from eBay last year, and I have them in every size up to something like 30. Those are strange actually, like knitting with broomsticks, but they do the job. I don't have problems with different types of yarn not working well; everything knits up great on these. You will see the dangerously sharp tips--as long as I am careful, this is a huge plus. Even the Denise needles and some of my metal circulars aren't as satisfying as these.

I also have never had to sand them or wax them or anything--the finish is perfect.

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