I gotta few notions to add to the JP bag!

Did I mention go-alongs with the Jordana Paige knitting bag someone will win in my contest Feb. 28? Yeah! They arrove today (finally) and are quite interesting. How about a yarn end weaver? Looks like it does a much better job than Stacie with her tapestry needle.

And some needle point protectors that look like little socks! So cute.

A cable needle and some stitch holders, all big--for big projects.

A nice black wooden handle for a felted purse project.

Some excellent and scentiferous Knit Wash with its own cool scooper.

. . . and a partridge in a pear tree!

OK, not that last part. That would be hard to ship. ;^)

How come you haven't sent me an email yet to tell me about sending a package of yarn to Interim House???

Oh! You haven't sent the yarn donation yet??? Well, no time like the present. And remember to tell me you have done it, so I can add your name to the hat. (Thanks, Karen!)

[in other news]
. . . From my StitchNBitch tear off calendar, I have gotten ideas for (read, hankerings for) some yarns I've never seen. Enter eBay, and voila! I have some Classic Elite Lush, an angora/wool blend that is so soft that it could make anything lovely for a child. And I have a child in mind, who is five and likes soft sweaters. Wish me luck!

I felted my purse and have gotten some magnetic closures that I'll figure out how to "install" soon. I am still working on a soft baby blanket for Pat's as-yet unborn Angelina. It's Elann Peruvian Highalnd Wool in a dusty rose. I'm thinking of sewing this knitted side to a flannet side and edging it with satin, but since the wool is not washable (I know, I know, and I've even had small babies in the house, (not to mention washed all their laundry) but somehow I keep picking regular wools for these projects!).

Ah well. Back to the English teacher life. Prep, grade, write comments for this grading period. I am sighing BIGTIME now. I haven't knitted since Saturday, and that only a little bit [hyperventilating now]. Hope you are getting to the kneedles and the projects more than I am!

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Bells said...

I have some stuff I want to send Stacie but have a parcel to send the US this week first. So I can't afford to send two at once!

mmm...angora wool blend! Sounds delicious!!!