Yarn can fly!!!

Did you know yarn can fly? Right NOW, 10 balls of Elann Sonata (thanks to Karen) and eight balls of several types from Melissa (not to mention the doodads and needles she included with her ab fab stitch markers) are flying to Pennsylvania so that people can continue their knitting projects. With this many skeins, people could knit a sweater! Now that would be a feeling of success for someone who probably needs a chance to see her capabilities. Speaking of many skeins of a certain type, I have some pink tweed that looks perfect for a sweater or felted slippers, and that is going this week to Interim House. If you wonder why I am waxing eloquent about yarn mailings, you have missed my CONTEST! Scroll down, and check it out!

Feb. 28 it all ends and some lucky person gets the Jordana Paige knitting bag FILLED with knitting goodies.

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I was so happy to help :-)