Busy filling the Jordana Paige bag with goodies!

If only I had a camera tonight! I've gotten some lovely knitting doodads* to add to the gifties that will fill the Jordana Paige bag that I'm giving away Feb. 28. Scroll down to see the post a few days ago that details the contest--and go get a few skeins to send to the women of Interim House!

*Lessee . . . there's the cool "knit picker" that helps fix snags, the gauge measurer/needle sizer, scissors, some cool needle tip protectors (more like butt protectors from pointy needles lurking in the couch cushions!), yarn needles, and so much more! Crazycatladymel has promised me some of her outstanding stitch markers, which I know from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE are not only lovely but very, very functional.

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