Secret Pal showers recipient with gorgeous gifts!

I have been remiss! Since school started, I suddenly have a life, but the result is that I have not kept current with my knitting blog.

First, Rhonda has revealed herself as my very kind and color-savvy secret pal from the One Skein project this summer. I am way too fortunate! These are the gifts she sent me this week. First she made the felted purse from the book (now how did she know I would love that shade of teal???). See that totally cool clasp? It's a silver button, the likes of which I've never seen but am really curious about, and a short string of seed beads that loops around the flower to close the clutch. I can't wait to use this purse.

But WAIT! THERE'S MORE! She sent me a skein of my beloved Karaoke, in shades of blues and teals, that knocks my socks off. See how I have already started a project with it (in the time I don't actually have). I am making a soft, stretchy hat. Don't know if I'll be able to part with it! :^)

Rhonda also sent me a sweet card with a really cool knitting basket sticker; this goes with me to school tomorrow so I can adorn my desk bulletin board. Anyway, thanks, Pal! In a minute, I'm going to check out her blog to see what SHE likes to knit.

Almost done with the secret project that is now actually a LATE project. I will have the recipient model it when I give it to her later today. Again, I am knitting with time I don't actually have. But it has been so much fun, and I have made enough mistakes that I feel especially prepared now to deal with the unexpected. I have also watched a shocking number of episodes of Law and Order. Why is all this so much more attractive than grading student exams??

Well, cheerio! Happy knitting. See you soon.


Rhonda said...

Glad you like the clutch. I really like making them. They are fast and easy knit.

I bought the flower button at Joann's earlier this year. They have some neat ones there.

I'd rather be knitting then doing chores and the like too!

Happy Knitting!

molly said...

Go Law and Order! Woohoo!

Bells said...

oh you scored. Great gifts!

Kukka-Maria said...

Love the felted bag! My mom/agent/manager/servant started knitting felted purses last year and became quickly addicted!

She's now working on another Aran sweater. She calls herself "The Cabling Queen."