Can you keep a secret?

Well, I'm working away on a variation on the Knitty apron featured in the Spring '04 issue, "Party Apron," by Jordana Paige. I'm making it for DD3 who turns 15 on 9/3, and who is a strange combination of Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, and Courtney Love. And it's a GOOD combination.

I'm using solid aqua Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, and for the frou-frou trim I chose Fur Real in peacock. I intend to use the trim for embroidering along the vertical lines of the lower apron, as well as on the straps that tie at tie neck. I may also put it along the edges of the bib portion. I want it to be really over the top, as that captures Sophi's personality perfectly. Will post finished pix, but right now I have the pedal to the metal for the opening of school, and am only knitting when I can get away with it because I have to be at a meeting or presentation. But that works for me!

PS I got a great t-shirt from Stitch Divas that has a spoof of the iPod ad campaign, with a woman holding up her knitting needles and yarn, in silhouette, and the words "iKnit" and "Modern Yarn" on the edges. I love it!

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Bells said...

Stacie that is looking so cool! I love it! can't wait to see the finished project! Can we see it on the model?

and thanks for the t-shirt link. i so want the ipod one!