The Kitschy Apron

Here it is, the one and only Kitschy Apron. I made it for DD3, Sophi, whose birthday was yesterday. It's a modified version of the apron featured in Knitty in 2004. I made the skirt shorter and gathered, and did a different stitch for the bib. I found this great microfiber fuzz from Fur Real called peacock, and it was perfect--fluffy, incredibly soft, sort of like a feather boa attached to the straps and edges. Sophi likes it a lot, and that is gratifying.

So why knit an apron, and why knit one for a 15-year-old? Well, she is quite the cook these days and is working on her vegan repertoire, as this summer, she had to omit dairy (lactose intolerance). And she is channeling the happy spirits of a couple of dingy 50s housewives who were never able to be who they really were, so she wears the pearls and heels and 50s dresses found at turnaround shops and Goodwill. She even likes red lipstick! Yikes! I have half jokingly referred to her as a cross between June Cleaver, Betty Crocker, and Courtney Love. The zany Courtney, not the crazed, out of control one.

Anyway, it was fun to knit, exhausting to knit, dreadful to knit (cotton is not fun), and wonderful to finish. And I feel that I learned about six important things from this project.


Karen said...

Hi Stacie

It's gorgeous - absolutely love it :-)


Bells said...

Oh that is so great! Well done! She looks amazing in it. I'm very, very impressed!

Claudia said...

Wow, what a cool apron! Good on ya for making something so cool and stylish!