my own design--Two Moods Pillow

Remember these gift skeins from my OS Secret Pal? Well, SP, I kinda cheated and used one of them for HALF of a project. I decided to make a pillow with two very different sides, one smooth and soft as the proverbial baby tush (Ksar by Bouton D'Or, camel and wool), the other more playful and cheery. I call it . . . drumroll, please . . . the Two Moods Pillow. Turn it over to the side you feel more attracted to at the moment. Rest your cheek on its softer side and take a little "Ksar" nap, or put it "Bollicine"
side up and make a decor statement.

I struggled with how to stuff it, and the downside of the inexperienced using batting and/or stuffing is: lumpy and misshapen. So I consulted with the wise and more experienced knitters on my message board, and got a few better directions to head in. And then, last night, I realized that this pillow is the size of some travel pillows we have had for some time, which the girlies once used on sleepovers, or when camping. Ding ding ding! One of them fits perfectly (and, as a bonus, does not have lovely green striped ticking showing through the knitted material). So now I am going to take it to a seamstress with some other projects (e.g. my daughter has a dress that needs to be taken in a bit), have her put a zipper in it, and it will be a FO!

Thanks again, Secret Pal!

Specs: If you're interested, I'll put them up separately.

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