Stacie's making a sweater! And you thought it would never happen!

Courage seems to sneak up on me as I knit more and more, learn more and more, and get better at the simple things. And then I found this amazing yarn by Patons called "Rumor," which is 85% acrylic but 15% alpaca, and this color, which is "Spanish Heather." It makes me nervous that I don't find it on the Internet at all, even at, so I don't know if it's extremely new or the last of something pretty old and discontinued (got it at Michael's though, not known for slow turnover of the merch).

I'm using the concept of a child's sweater that I saw on (they give good yarn, in case you are thinking of making a purchase--go for it!) but altered a bit. So it's one rectangular piece front and back, with bind off and cast on around the neck area, and then a funnel neck (I'm doing mine in 2x2 rib) and two small raglan sleeves. Boxy. I do have a few concerns so far--it's knitting up a bit heavy so I don't know if my four-year-old friend Luisa is going to feel a strange weight on her shoulders when/if she wears it. But it's coming together and I am going for broke.

Would love to hear your comments, as Flavio would say. :^) BTW, check out his variegated cable scarf! He's convinced me that cables are NOT only for single shade yarn. What was I thinking?! It's flippin' beautiful, Flavio!


Bells said...

Looking great so far Stacie! Nice colour - very nice. And as you know, I'm a big fan of alpaca! Fascinating combination. We don't have any of that particular patons here, well not that I've seen anyway.

How does it feel? It's soft is it? I imagine it might be.

Definitely gonna check out Flavio. My ambition is to do more than one colour in cabelling! How clever would I feel then????

Karen said...

Looking good :-)

Sweaters can be fun, you'll be addicted in no time