I'm a winner!

I recently mentioned donating some of my stash items to a program for women in rehab, and part of it was a contest that I actually won! Dude! I'm speechless. Thanks, Mel and happy birthday too. :^)

As I linked before, you should see the things the women in this program are knitting. Check out their blog, and even though the contest is over, you could still send them donations. See the blog for info about that.

Now an admission. You know how you get a newsletter from your local group and immediately leaf through it to see if any of the pictures have you in them? Or remember how you used to get your yearbook at school in June and, first thing, hunt for your picture (or, for those lucky popular people, of whom I was never one, pictureS). Come on, I know I'm not the only one. It's a well documented fact, like walking down a city street and checking your hair in the window reflections!

Well, I went to the Interim House site several times in the past six weeks to see what they were knitting (great stuff), with a secret hope that I would recognize some yarn I'd donated being used. :^) And it happened! That is so cool. And the knitter used the yarn so niftily too. It's a black scarf (not my donation) with a multicolored bobbly yarn ("mine") mixed in. Whoever wears that is going to get some compliments.

Oh happy day. Thanks again, Melissa. Gotta go tell DH the good news.

PS I'm knitting something I'm really excited about, gotta post pix later.


crazycatladymel said...

:-) Yeah!

I totally do that too! After I send them packages, I start looking for pictures of the yarn in use.

Bells said...

God and I thought I was the only person in the world who checked how my hair was in the window as I passed by!!! LOL!