I just keep knitting!

I've been working again today. More progress on the twin rib scarf than on the cable scarf, but that is no surprise since I mess up more easily on the IHS and hate to frog it and do it again. Today, I saw something on Grumperina's blog that is so cool. It's how to do cabling without needing a cable needle or DPN. Wonder where she learned this trick! I am going to try it and see how it goes, but just reading it made sense, and for me, when it comes to knitting, that is a minor miracle.

In the meantime, I got a thumbs-up from the doc today, one week out, who said that the healing is going great and that my allergic reaction is definitely subsiding. (I could have told him that because today I wasn't tempted more than twice to shred my lower leg with my nails. Also I haven't had to resort to the groggy-pills to deal with that. God, what did people do with allergies before the 90s??)

I ordered a heap of yarn from Herrschner's today because they gave me free shipping and had a great selection of sale yarns: some burgundy Noro Sumile (not a wool, but a cotton/silk chenille), Paton's Katrina (which I got in a powder blue, yum, so I can bravely forge on ahead in the knitterly world and make myself a tank), and some other odds and ends that will make great hats and scarves. I think the free shipping came because I signed on for their regular emails about sales etc. (AKA "spam," let's be honest), and the minimum order was $25, but hey, that's not hard to do when you're a champeen yarn-stash enhancer like myself.

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Bells said...

I've heard of cabling without a cable needle! And those times I've been stuck on the bus without said needle, I've really wished I don't more than heard of it...! Gonna check it out!

Good going on the allergies. Didn't you know, before the 90s there was no such thing as an allergy? It's a thoroughly modern invention Stacie!!!!