Are you thoroughly mesmerized yet??

After putting up the photo of DC3 Percy's beautiful face, I quit for the night and then didn't get back to it. He is so handsome, and I don't mind being part of the knitting cliche of the lady with the cats who is always whipping up something on her needles. ;^)

(chuckles ironically) I've been so busy . . . reading (Our Town, to prepare for teaching it in Sept.), itching (the affected foot and leg) and drowsing (Benadryl, while a great help in the war against urticaria, mostly works by making me comatose). But you surely don't want to read about that. Nor do I want to keep seeing Google ads on my blog for references to such maladies. Suffice it to say that I am getting better, and that the horrific, swollen Frankenstein foot is now just a tired, normal sized, skin-compromised foot that needs me to take good care of it. And stay off it. Which I am.

See? To keep from going stir crazy, as well as to keep my hands away from my foot, I've been knitting. I've even been doing the cable rows correctly most of the time too! I have had to frog so much that I finally printed out the whole eight-row pattern so I can follow it row by row with a Post-It note (I know, I know, it's a repeat every other row until the last, but . . . I'm challenged) and still you can see that I've got the occasional wrong stitch. Not in danger of offending Allah by virtue of my knitting skills, but perhaps I may by my frequent and quite obvious mistakes! Sorry, Allah, I'll keep knitting and hope to get better at this.

Meantime, I am evolving a plan. I think this is not the product of a drug-addled mind--it came to me just before the surgery--but I have become a bit obsessed: I've actually diagrammed it out. Here's how it all started. I took a fruit salad to some friends' BBQ, and, it being the middle of summer, I used these ingredients: blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and green grapes. We were all captivated by the color combination. And I kept thinking about these colors, how cool they would look as a felted bag. Now I need to find yarns that have just the right, accurate colors, and figure out the striping, what looks best next to what.

I also did some measurements and looked at a bunch of tote/purse patterns, to see what dimensions to make it before felting. And I think I came up with a way to start and then cast on the body, so the bottom is rectangular and is attached on one long side to the body. Then I will then sew on the other three sides of the bottom when the body is done. It helped taking a grocery bag and cutting it apart and then seeing the bottom attached. I would not make the sides as big as a grocery sack! and I don't want to make it with the sort of self-handle I see on a lot of felted bags, but rather to make a strap by taking several lengths of three of the colors, tie them in a knot and then braid them thickly together, before felting that, and later attach it to the felted purse.

Any warnings? Any suggestions? Any yarn recommendations? As for the quantities, if I use something like Lambspride worsted (should I?), I think I would need a skein of each of the colors, but wouldn't use up all the yarn on any but maybe one (bottom color and its stripes). I was thinking five colors, or maybe six (peach and something more like mango). Now I am only hampered by my gimpiness and a complete inability to drive myself to the LYS. :^) Not to mention two UFOs I am steadily working on, and should finish first.

I totally forgot! I made this from a leftover bit of yarn that DD1 Rachel gave me (she had made her roommate a hat with it). I don't know what yarn it is, or what it's made up of, but it has a great sheen and stretch. Now, when the cellphone goes off, I won't have to dig in my purse for three or four or five rings to find it.

Happy Knitting, all!


Flavio83 said...

Hello Stacie! I love the mobile purse!


Please... can I delete your last comment to my blog? I have a problem... someone who reads the blog doesn't need to know about the disease... I fear she might read it from your comment... :(

I hope you understand that...

Or maybe you can edit that?

Fla said...

I don't mind you editing my comment, and I apologize for being so blunt about details. Please feel free to delete the statement or the whole comment, whatever you are comfortable with. Sorry!!

k said...

I've heard a rumor that Lamb's Pride is about to go up in price around August 1st. You might check your LYS and ask them, if you normally use that brand. I love your color scheme- fruit colors, especially peach and mango, are so summery.

I'm enjoying working with the LPW on my scarf, though, and they definitely have a lot of colors to choose from.

Karen said...

I love the cell phone cozy - I could have used that this morning when searching for mine.

So glad you are feeling better