Did I forget to mention

I made this while on vacation--it's a scrap scarf in horizontal form. I found this approach great in some ways, and I loved being able to choose the colors to go into it. However, leaving long tails on each end (each row is a different strand of yarn) meant that I sometimes unknowingly picked up an end and knitted with it instead of the real yarn I should have been holding, so I messed up majorly in ways that were hard to fix later. That will probably be obvious in a few spots.

Also, one side pulled tight for some reason I'm not aware of, and thus it doesn't hang straight. That would be fine since it's meant to drape around a neck, but it makes it a little puckery. Gee, I suppose I could run it down more, but I will just move on.

I also did a quick hat on circulars with that same blue wool I used for a 1x1 rib scarf. This hat is hiding 1/3 more of itself, and so I either misjudged or didn't finish the top well enough--it could easily cover the head of the BFG. But I do feel that I managed that mini stripe pattern well!

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