Finito! Sweater and a hat

And for something completely different, I also had this on the needles:

The black is very soft--I think it was Rowan, but it was bought some time ago. The stripes are done with my Noro Iro from the Tahoe trip, and the color change over time was quite interesting. Note I am backing off my previous refusal to do anything like fringe, pompoms or tassels. What next? Never say never!

Lastly, I started something last night that is making my hands ache because it's cotton. It's really true what they say. So I do as many rows as I can stand and then take a break, but then I start up again because it's coming together and it's cool. What is it, you ask? Can't tell. Top secret. Wait a few weeks and I'll have one of the DDs model it. :)


Karen said...

way too cute!!! love the hat - I need to be brave enough to try one again (first one was a disaster)

Flavio83 said...