The Luisa Sweater is comin' togethuh

Here it is, the sweater I have worked and reworked, frogged and reknit, despaired over and kept trying with, The Luisa Sweater! I had to make changes in my original freeform pattern (seriously, what IS a novice knitter doing making up a pattern??), changes I fully "got" only after completing the body. So after trying to talk myself into half-assing it, I frogged it and started all again.

Now, I've blocked it and it is going together this afternoon!

Did I mention that this yarn (Patons Rumor) is about 85% acrylic and 15% alpaca? Well, that alpaca was going to be its saving grace, but having knitted with it and frogged it for about a week now, I may never get all the alpaca fuzz out of my nose and off my clothes. Not to mention that frogging something that "sticky" is sometimes a real trial. But I did it, and I am really glad. Finished sweater pics tomorrow.

In other news . . . I refelted one of the two bowls I made earlier this week, so that it would have a flatter base and be more compact. I like it better now. Going to embellish it a bit too with some buttons.

There's a sale on at my LYS, Full Thread Ahead! Time to start courting my fellow drivers to take me up there, since I can't drive with this foot until the end of the month.

Happy Knitting!

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Claudia said...

I love the bowl! And I can't wait to see the sweater finished! Great job!