Brown scarf

Here's the brown scarf I knitted for Sophi. She won't want to wear it until late October (here in sunny California) but I'm proud of it NOW :^). Time to bust out of mistaken rib and stockinette though, and do some other more challenging stitches.

I've been home sick--sleeping, reading, sleeping, and knitting. I have just about finished the second hat done in the round, and did all the finish work on the loose threads. Stripes aren't any harder, and the knitting info websites showed me to twist the two colors around each other before weaving in, so that there's no hole where the colors met up. I'm just struggling to make an I-cord doodly thing to stitch on top of it (yes, I found out what I-cord is, and being almost an idiot--the "I" is for "idiot"--have been struggling with it, but I keep trying). Hope to post those pix tomorrow or Thursday.

Next, I think I will knit the womb that Kim and others have been talking about. My friend Lorna the sex ed teacher will find it a kick. Her nephew, who died a few years ago, was a crazy free-style knitter, whose blog is still on the Net. Perhaps the knitted womb will remind her of him.

Happy knitting, all!

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sophi said...

that is such a terrible picture of me. it's amazing.
here you are in your hat