Knitting for felting

Knitting all week on a piece that I'm going to felt for the needle case that we've all been salivating over on Knitting Novices. I'm using bulky yarn (Landscapes summer evening or some such) instead of the worsted it calls for, but I love the yarn so much and am just considering it a grand experiment. I think when I felt it it will come out thicker because it's bulky but that doesn't seem like a bad thing for a needle case.

I'm using my new Boye needles from the set I bought, and so far they are working wonderfully. The debate goes on on the knitting boards about Denise vs. Boye, but I like mine and have no complaints.

Finished that last hat, with the groovy stripes and the mangled crown. Poor finish on the dpn's that caused it to be sort of squarey. I never did a satisfactory I-cord either. I think I'll put this away for the winter and work on the doodley things then.

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