A first--stripes!!

Not nearly enough time for knitting this weekend, but I did do something I have been afraid to try, almost by tricking myself into it, and that is stripes. Switching yarn colors! How could I be scared of that? But I was, and then I realized that I just had to pick up a different strand and wrap it around my hand as I do for any knitting, and proceed with that color.

I haven't gotten to the point where the piece is finished, so I don't quite know yet what I will do with the wrong side, where the colors meet up. But I have faith--I'll find out what I need to know. Knitting Novices, a website, or even my dear old mom, all are out there to make it clearer.

So what am I knitting in stripes, you ask? Another hat, same style, some of the same colors, but with an added pale blue component, and I'll post it when I'm done.

Now that the warm weather has FINALLY hit Northern California, I realize that my expectation that I would not want to knit in the heat is dead wrong. I will want to find air conditioning when I knit, but I don't see myself taking a hiatus any time soon.

I am wondering, what is I-cord??? I think it might be something I could use instead of a tassel for this hat (I hate tassels)

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sophi said...

Your stripes look fantastic so far!

here's the picture of me with the scarf on. don't i look affected? it's a charming look for me.