More Pillow Shams!!

Second pillow sham came about because I found a vintage Hawaiian shirt at whimsiedots while browsing through her vintage fabrics. At the time, I just thought it would make great material for some of the bags I'm making lately. Then DD#3, an amazing, spontaneous and inspired thrifter/crafter, suggested I take advantage of the shirt's placket to make it into a pillow for DS, since I'm already working on pillow shams for her condo in Palm Springs, decorated in 60s era furnishings. This fills the bill! (Rhetorical question: Did any man actually wear this heinous shirt at one time? Answer: based on the fuzzies found inside the seam I cut through, Yes, and washed it many times too! Vomitrocious.)

So I decided to try out this idea. I popped the pillow insert inside the buttoned shirt and found I had a little extra room, but it was essentially 19" square below the sleeves. Wa-hoo!

Some trimming and pinning and sewing ensued, and now I have finished another sham. And the fabric is thick and almost upholstery-feeling in its texture.

So the back of the pillow was once the front of a shirt! See the pocket in the top right corner? I could have taken it off, but it seemed whimsical.
Oh, and while I had far fewer seams to sew, I totally improved in my straightness of line on those I did do.

Hope you like it, Kate, as it's winging its way to you tomorrow with DD#3!


Bells said...

oh that is so clever! How inspiring. Well done!

Rachel said...

paco and i like it!

marimekko pillows said...

I love it. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Jejune said...

What a great pillow! The pocket could be very handy, actually - to told the TV remote, or knitting tools, or chocolate stash :)

freshisle said...

It makes a much better pillow than a shirt. Very talented!

Anonymous said...

job well done!