Pillow Shamming

Made a pillow sham for my sister, who has requested two for their groovy new pad in Palm Springs (smaller than the campus college apartment my husband and I had eons ago), and though I'm going to get to the best fabrics in good time, I thought I should make the prototype and get familiar with the pattern, so that when i actually do sew the ones that really matter, I won't futz it.
The edges of the envelope opening are not my best sewing, and that's the main thing I have to do better next time. Sew straight? What besides my marriage do I ever do straight? ;^) I also learned that the Velcro needs to be placed in four spots, not three, as this one will have perpetual gaposis.
Mr. Kerm was barely tolerating my efforts to get him to look my way and grace the darned thing. He wants his dinner.

Anyway, Pillow Sham #1 is complete! PRET-ty exciting times around here on a Sunday afternoon!
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