Moderne Baby Blanket

Yes, it's got a few issues. I picked up stitches on the wrong side early on, and now I'm thinking I'll have to duplicate-stitch it in the right colors to hide it--wonder if that will work? And I'll have to frog the green edge because it was supposed to be brown. No worries.

And I started a lovely scarf in Meriboo, so soft and pleasing. It's a nice stitch pattern, similar to mistaken rib. I cast on a multiple of four + 1 and then K3 P1 to the last stitch and K1. (Repeat every row.) I learned this pattern from my knitting friend and colleague, Enid.

It's called the Percy Scarf since it is going to be this gray and a green that together match Mr. Bad Kitty's fur and eyes.That's what I knitted on while camping with DH. Does this fire make me look too diabolical?

Mwah-hah-hah! . . . uh, er, no, I guess not.

We had a great camping trip except for two things: no marshmallows for roasting and a too-soft bed that left my back aching all day yesterday. Guess DH's future camping trips with the wife will have to include a sheet of plywood under the mattress! For fun we watched Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty in Lost in America, a great movie about camping. ;^) We also watched Sideways one more time to find out why we should love pinots and hate merlots (but I'm not convinced).

Here are a few of the wonders we encountered on our hikes--
redwoods all around; in various stages of growth and decay;
this is burl wood that was shredding on the ground from all the winter rains. DH noted that it looked like yarn. That's my kind of association!

Here is a path inviting you to walk down it--

and here is something on the path to avoid stepping on--a banana slug! Eeeeew.
And here's the winery we stopped at, after all our camping travels were through--Savannah- Chanelle in Saratoga, CA.

Here's me and my camping buddy at the falls:
and here is his new camper and truck to haul it with:
Happy knitting this week, all!


Jejune said...

What a fantastic camping holiday! I really miss the green lush American forests ... everything here in Oz is so dead and dry.

I don't think you look *too* diabolical, only a little ;)

Love love love that scarf, great simple pattern, and so effective! Cute kitty too :)

Susan said...

So fun! I think the burl wood looks like yarn, too and that slug is really frightening! Great pictures.