The Reprise of Sleeves, and so much more

Here we go again!

Yes, I got going on those sleeves AGAIN, and and am almost done with the second one now, with the partial lying on top of the finished one. I'm back to where I was in early December. When I get these last decreases done, I can block, sew, and finish up the neckline for DD#2's Quidditch Sweater. She said today, "My birthday sweater became my Christmas sweater, and now it looks like it'll be a Valentine's present." But I still hold out a lot of hope that I'll get it done by the end of this month. Maybe I am an optimist though!

My DMIL has been visiting since 12/26 to recuperate after back surgery in November. Now that she is out of the convalescent prison I mean care center, she is already making major strides. Notice I didn't say leaps (that might come later!). She has kicked the walker out of the picture and only uses her cane when on uneven surfaces. Usually DH or I serve as her "cane" with an elbow to hold onto. I convinced her to go yarn shopping with me so she'd have a project to knit while here, since her blanket for DH is in limbo in WA state. I succeeded in getting her to try some super easy socks with gorgeous Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted, Tuscany:
She has made socks many times before but needed a pattern that wasn't too weird. Knitting Pure and Simple came through nicely, thanks to a recommendation at the yarn shop. DMIL immediately got going on them with a set of DPNs, and I have loved watching the first sock spiral downward in an interesting pooling pattern. I think she may have turned the heel this afternoon on an outing with DH. I will get a photo of her next time she's knitting on Sock #1 so you can see it coming into being.

In other news . . .
Here is my dear BIL wearing his hat that I knitted him for Christmas. Oops, that's not how you wear a hat, dude.

There, that's better. I'm guessing my DS likes the scruffy look. 8^)

I've been continuing to do happy mindless knitting on this scarf when I can't concentrate on the sleeve decreases of DD#2's sweater. Cadenza wins an award for soft and lovely to knit with. Ahhhh!

I don't know when I started this scarf in Moda Dea, but I like its shading a lot and think it is a fine scarf to gift to someone. When I am done with the turquoise Cadenza, I'll get back to this fulltime.

I've acquired a FEW new skeins lately, these from Purlescence's recent Frog Tree Yarns sale. It's Meriboo (merino and bamboo) and I can't wait to knit with it!These two colors spoke to me because they are a very close match to Mr. Percy's fur and eyes. What do you think?Yep, I got a bit carried away with a lolcatz creator as you might have noticed a while back.

I also bought a precious single skein of Nomad camel wool from freshislefibers, who had gotten a shipment after reading about the Mongolian women who spin this fiber, in a very lowtech fashion. Since it has a Louet label, I am guessing they made an arrangement with the North American importer. A hundred grams won't knit me much, but it will be lovely, nonetheless. It is touted as nonallergenic, a plus when the itch factor is at issue.

And . . .
Did I mention that I made a Moroccan dinner last week? I didn't? Wow, it was so good--spiced with mint and coriander, pine nuts and raisins. Lamb koftas and a rice dish:
Both recipes were as easy as could be. I think this rice dish would be good to have once a week. And the lamb koftas (and beef, in the bowl behind) are spicy and tasty. DH doesn't like lamb so much, but they are almost as good with beef.

Lastly, DD#3 has a penchant for thrift store finds, and this 70s caftan/muumuu really got a laugh out of me. I made her come pose in the kitchen like a tipsy 70s housewife hitting the bourbon. I know, What sort of a mother am I? Well . . . DD#3 is me when I was her age, pretty much, so I guess we get up to a certain amount of mischief.
The "bourbon" was apple cider, folks. And the caftan was silk! See, she is a master (mistress) at finding the thrift store treasure. I think I'm set for next Halloween too. ;^)

Back to knitting a sleeve! Hope you're all in stitches too.


Sophi said...

PFF mom that is MY halloween costume this year! ;)

Susan said...

OMG the seventies are back, I think I might have owned and probably worn something like that. I hope there aren't any pictures! I love all your yarn, all such nice colors. I and hear you about the sleeves, I'm in a knitting/frogging cycle in a baby sweater that I think will never end.