The View from Cloud Nine

She Likes Ingrid!
I received these sweet pictures from my stepsister yesterday, showing Leonie with her new Ingrid dolly. Apparently, Onie decided right away that Ingrid needed a mommy doll and chose her Po Teletubby for the job.

You know how comedians and actors always talk about the high from being applauded and appreciated? Well, when something I've knitted "works," I am on Cloud Nine.

BTW, is not my niece one of the cutest little kids you've ever seen? 8^)


Susan said...

She is too cute for words. I agree, when someone appreciates something you've made it's wonderful.

Mary Anne said...

They are both so cute!

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Jejune said...

Aaaaw, that is wonderful! And what a little cutie - I'm sure she'll treasure her special dolly for years to come!