The Kermie Report

He took a bad turn yesterday, so it was back to the vet, where she determined that NOW he had low blood sugar (the insulin and diet changes worked too well) and also needed a different antibiotic. Hooray for that, since I'd had to put 1-1/2 ml of this horrible banana flavored antibiotic liquid down his throat, which he did not appreciate at all, twice a day. It irritated his stomach and the resulting upchucking was disturbingly blood tinged.

Sorry those of you who are squeamish. So after she pumped him full of Karo syrup (he didn't like that either but at least it was mild and unflavored!), his sugar level came up into the normal range and he seemed much better. She also gave him anti-nausea and antacid medicines, and fluids, with the result that the kitty we took home at 5:30 p.m. yesterday looked one heck of a lot happier than the one I'd wrestled into the carrier at 3:30.

DD#3 held him on her lap on the drive home even though she's developed cat allergies (that is too unfair, and I wonder if it's another of the circles of hell that Dante forgot--you love cats but are allergic to them . . . wah!). So, it's another day and we're a little poorer, and we'll see how he does as he recovers.

His insulin has been dropped to half the dose, though, so that will no doubt result in cost savings to us on that rother expensive tiny little insulin bottle. And it should keep him from getting too hypoglycemic. If not, we'll know what to do--haul out the Karo!

In Knitting Knews . . . now that I'm done with comments and grades, I have timed writings to grade, but tonight I am going to knit and watch a movie with my DMIL. I've earned a night off!


Kathy in San Jose said...

Hang in there Kermie!

Mary Anne said...

Go, Kermie! Good to hear the news is better. I hope you get some time in for knitting and relaxing.