The Evidence Proves Progress

I've finished the second sleeve and am wet-blocking the parts of the sweater per the instructions. Then, it's sew things together and finish the neckline, and then . . . DD#2 will never believe it, but this may well be a Valentine's present after all. It's entirely conceivable I could finish it by the end of January as I had recently said I would, and it would provide me with an excellent excuse to avoid work--grading papers in the evening. But . . . just to give myself a cushion, I think Valentine's Day is just right.

I made a trifle last night (not really stale cake, but angelfood, so it's lowfat [as if that mattered with the whipped cream-- **hysterical laughter**]. I wonder who has stale cake in their house? Everyone I'm related to inhales baked goods long before they can go stale!

And on the subject of relatives, I baked some c-c cookies for DD#1 for the care package I'm sending her tomorrow. I continue in my effort to rack up points for the Best Mom Ever award. Oddest conglomeration of things in that box--a jar of rapid rise yeast, a tube of shower gel, a bra, a bag of almonds from TJs, a single DPN and a tapestry needle (found in her suitcase when DH went to pack for his next trip), and some MI paste from the dentist. Oh, and the cookies! One hopes no one at the PO feels the need to open the box and account for the contents.

Bought two skeins this weekend on etsy, one from Yarn Lust and the other from BlondeChicken. (Ravelry's ads are a'working, merchants, because I clicked those ads on my projects page and the next thing I knew I was choosing some great yarns.) From Yarn Lust I'm getting bamboo/merino sock wool (click the link to see it in all its flickr glory), and from Blonde Chicken it's a skein of banana/silk for a market bag I want to make my friend.

I leave you with a photograph garnered during one of the greatest relaxations in life, the watching of birds.
Wherever you are, I hope you are snug in a warm place or enjoying warm weather. Ours is definitely not southern hemisphere summer, but the rain is intermixed with bouts of sunshine, and it's about 60 degrees, so the hummers still come round. Happy knitting, all.

PS: The KermMeister is doing better since his last vet visit, and seems to be much more in balance on the blood sugar thing. Keep your paws crossed that it stays stable!


freshisle said...

Umm, banana! I'm clicking, too!
Fantastic hummingbird pic.

molly said...

Lucky Rachel!

Alexander said...

It's 9ºF here right now!

Susan said...

I love the hummingbird picture! When we lived in the country they were everywhere, one even came in the house and got stuck on the ceiling fan. We held her for a bit and then she zoomed off but it was magic. I miss them now that we're in the burbs. I see them occasionally but they don't come to the feeders.