Sleeves and Hummers

Here they are, DD#2, the sleeves are coming along! I am almost at the end of increases so will be able to knit steadily without pattern changes for most of the rest of them. I'm getting to it every day, at least for a little while. I know it's gotten cold in Boston, and I know you have a few other sweaters to wear, so while I'm knitting and finishing, I am pretty sure you won't freeze. 8^)

But something else, my blogging friends, is much more exciting to me today. DH recently indulged my whim and brought home a wrought iron stake/hook and a hummingbird feeder, as I'd seen so effectively employed in the garden outside the dentist's while I had my teeth cleaned. What a perfect way to calm nervous patients!

Now, my history of asking DH to do something in the yard for me is blighted with forgotten tomato plants and basil, the dahlias he put in planters, complete with drip irrigation, which died and didn't come back, and other such abandoned things. I would not have been surprised if he didn't want to carry out this little request, since feeders need frequent replenishing, etc. etc. But my theory about myself is that if I can see it, I maintain it. So we put it in full view of the French doors (with windows on each side as well).

At first it was a little ways out in the yard and to the left, in some landscaping, where we got to watch, if we were patient, hummingbirds coming to feast over and over. They swoop down out of the oak tree nearby, check things out for safety, and then dip into the nectar again and again.

A few days ago DH moved the feeder to just outside the window by the back patio. I was a little worried that too much movement inside might keep the little helicopters away, considering that we are walking past that window all the time (it's right off the kitchen too, lots of walking through). Not to mention the menacing felines which sleep . . .

(that's Kuh-LEo, with paws all folded sweetly under her chin)

. . . and stand . . .

(that's Kermit McDermott, a cat that watches the "movie" going on outside every day, but poses absolutely no threat to any critters, as he and his posse are all indoor-only cats)

. . . right near that window. Nope! I needn't have worried. If you put out nectar, they will come! This little green one, with a brilliant fuchsia throat, is just one type that I've seen partaking out there.

Here is one of the most exciting pictures I've ever taken in my life!

I have long said that I believe, in a superstitious sort of way, if I see a hummingbird something good is about to happen. I've also said it's lucky I live where hummers live!! Now, I guess good things are going to happen all the time. 8^)

Speaking of which, the Cancer Update: DH is feeling stronger and seems less worn out than he did for the last part of chemo. He's already underway with the Rituxin maintenance doses, but they don't cause him any side effects. Neuropathy in his hands and feet needs to go away now!! But he's back to traveling for work and recreation, and living life to the fullest.

Happy knitting, all!

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