Another Way to Get on Mom's Good Side

DD#2, one of the two knitters in my brood, just asked me to send her, ASAP, her knitting accoutrements, including a partly finished something (scarf? legging?) in gray and hunter green. Naturally I packed it all in a flat rate box, got some other little surprises, and sent it on its speedy way to Boston. She promises me that when she has her gear, she will take pictures of all her FOs. I smell a new convert!!!

This is DD#2 with her new baby, Samosa the Hamster.

There's a rodent on the loose!This afternoon, though it's 80 degrees today, I'll be knitting at the faculty meeting. Ahhhh. I can sit through meetings whether interesting or not (or uneven!) if I have something to knit on.

~Happy knitting, all!

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molly said...

You lost count, I'm #2. And Sammy isn't a teddy bear hamster, just a short-haired syrian hamster :)