Can You Stand Another Hat?

Well, I guess you don't get a choice because we're all hats, all the time. (Is that the royal "we"?)

I made this little chapeau for another newborn, Solomon, who just hatched Thursday. I used Shine Worsted in a discontinued color that looks like pale ice blue in real life.

Am still working on the Mason-Dixon baby kimono in the same yarn, getting much further on it and have begun to seam it. I wish I had remembered before from the first one I did that it seems too short when done, and that I wanted to stop increasing but continue to knit the length. Nothing that a little picking up stitches won't fix, but I hope it will look nice.

I started a little hat for a child yesterday out of another Knitpicks yarn, a superwash sportweight in light cornflower blue. It's stockinette at the edge so it curls nicely and then after several more rows of stockinette I did about five rows of moss stitch. Now I am finishing the crown but haven't started the decreases yet. Last night was a movie and knitting extravaganza! (I guess you can tell that my shoulder wasn't giving me trouble!--I am resting my arm on a pillow and taking more breaks, so far so good!). DH and I watched a movie that DD#1 recommended, Guantanamera, which was great! And then we caught up with the times and saw another movie that she had recommended from 1990 called Awakenings, about people with severe impairment from encephalitis outbreaks in the 1920s who were helped (for a while) with levodopa. Pretty good movie, fascinating medical science (to me anyway) and also somewhat sad because much of what they suffered from and were relieved of for a time is part of Parkinson's, and my DSM has this. While she is not nearly as advanced as these people were with their symptoms, it is easy to see how a person could feel frozen and imprisoned by one's inability to make anything happen--movement, speech, even eye blinks.

On that cheery note, got to go get the weekend chores and errands done, because Monday night I go to New York! I'm taking six kids on a field trip to the Big Apple for a yearbook/newspaper/ literary magazine conference. We have a smashing literary magazine. 8^) But we want to make it better!


Anonymous said...

Hey - New York - I doubt highly you have free time with 6 kids on a field trip, but let me know if you do

KSee said...

Have a great time. Will look forward to the report on the trip.

jenfromRI said...

It's not your fault; hats are addictive!

Have fun on your field trip!

Kathy in San Jose said...

Baby hats are cute, fast and get many compliments. And don't you feel like you've finished a lot of projects already this year?!

Have a great time in NYC with the kids1

Jejune said...

Very cute hats! I hope your trip to NY goes well - sounds exciting!

Amanda said...

Of course we can stand more baby hats! In any shape, color, style - they're always adorable.

Glad that you're feeling a bit better. Take care of yourself!