Another Rainbow Hat

And here we have hat #2 made from scraps of the Bazic wool left after the Diversity scarf. I believe I have come up with my worthiest recipient for the hat, someone who will 1) wear it and 2) like its fun and perky qualities. Who might that be, you ask? Stay tuned. Don't want to give it away. If you're wondering, no, there will be no more hats (or anything) from that wool because I have finally USED IT UP! But I bet there is something else Bazic in my future because I love love love that wool!

DH took this picture of me on Friday last week when I came home and curled up with my laptop and shared a glass of wine with him. Ahhhhh.

Almost finished the M-D Baby Kimono this past weekend but stopped when . . . you guessed it . . . I started getting too much shoulder pain. It's getting boring. But I'll finish it up in time to gift it to JA who is expecting a first little boy any day now.

I did some work on the double knit slippers I started 'way back when for Leonie. They are presently too big for her but by fall will probably not be too far from the right size. The knitting is going fine and I'm on #2 now, but with the variegated wool I find I'm confused sometimes about what row I should be knitting.

Rumor has it that there will be a Guest Blogger on Stacie's Adventures within the next day or two, DD#1 who is home from school on spring break. She is doing two color knitting now (in cream and yellow--the hat looks like fried eggs) and lording it over me because I'm "not adventurous enough." I think the fact that all she knits are HATS and nothing else says it all. And I think I'll get out the cable needles and show her a thing or two she doesn't know how to do. Not that it's a contest! ;^)


Amanda said...

I do love that colorful hat and am more than a little sad that you've used up all the wool for it. Someone is going to be very lucky!

I hope that your shoulder is feeling a bit better - take care of yourself!

Susan said...

Your daughter knits?! I'm so jealous, none of my family has any interest in my knitting! Where did I go wrong. Sorry that's all I can think about from your post, totally stuck on that but I love the colors in the hat.

Anonymous said...

You are looking quite comfortable there :-) hope the shoulder is feeling better