What Would Dobby Do? That is the question. Well, he would take a tea cozy and make it a hat. In fact he did that (probably more than once, but my memory for HP details pales in comparison to DD2 and DD3's steel traps).

But what would Dobby do if he had knitted a hat that would fit someone with a severe case of hydrocephalus (not to mention severe and unremitting denial!!)? Obvious. He would do the reverse. "Hat" becomes tea cozy, and--extra benefit--the fact that it was knitted on straights means a seam needs joining and therefore the spout can be accommodatedYes, you're fast. This was the . . . ahem . . . "prototype" for Alex's much more successful hat, in that I realized I wanted it thicker and, oh yeah, SMALLER in circumference. But see right there, Tufts' colors, and the same basic stripe pattern.

I just have to show you my decreases. Ain't they purdy?

WIPs now: Well I keep trying to start my mom's felted purse, the Sophie, requested as a Christmas gift just a tad too late to be realistic, but still totally flattering. Mom is a champeen knitter from way back, whose mother was also a champeen Maine knitter (read, thick and warm!). But Mom can't knit with wool (allergies) so enter DD1 who can and does. I don't want to let her down, let me tell you. Also started a hat similar to Alex's but with another school's colors (in alpaca and organic cotton--all together now*--oooooooh, ahhhhhhh!). I wish I never had to knit with anything else. Also have the shibori scarf underway but it's really rough tweed and not fun to knit with (see above). I want to start a felted cloche but am still looking for a pattern I can handle. Any suggestions for the late beginner/early intermediate knitter?
*Apologies to anyone who has this stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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Bells said...

oh fantastic Stacie! It looks like it was always meant to be a tea cosy! Good save. :-)