Spoiler Alert--warning Kate!

I'm pretty sure DS doesn't spend much time here, but just in case, go find something else to do, Honey, since I'm about to spill the visual beans.

Here is the Seaman's Scarf (modified with a different stitch on the outer panels) that I made with Venezia in charcoal gray. I swatched several rows of various stitches so that she could see what she liked--various ribs and mistaken rib, as well as purl ridge. She and my nephew chose the 3x3 ribbing but also liked the one that I do often: Knit a row, K1P1 across next row, repeat. Wish I knew what this stitch is called!It sure comes out handsome! and the ribbing makes the neck part of the scarf thinner. Those sailors sure were clever!

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