UFOs abounding

Too much to do, and too little motivation to do the heaviest lifting when I get any knitting time. So . . . the Katrina tank is blocked but not sewn or finished at neck and arm holes; the Deanna purse is finished all except sewing the strap and adding the magnetic closure; the scarf I started in Korochon (?) is half done but too itchy to knit in warm weather; an aqua banana fiber purse/tote colors my fingers blue so I tend to only knit on it when I'm at home and in jeans; and a baby jacket I started in pink Goa (GGH) is underway but not nearly finished. With this many UFOs I guess I'm a legitimate KnitWit now. That's what DH says my "next" license plate should say. He thought that was original! [smirky smile] Shows how much blog reading he's done about knitting!

Happy knitting all--

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Sue H said...

Hmm, sounds like me with my FO's and UFO's. I have a couple of scarves unfinished, and I've been busily doing other stuff in the meantime. One of the scarves is for a friend, and winter is approaching.........but so slowly that I think I still have heaps of time.