Let's start with the downside. It sounds like this--"ah-HHHHHuh HHHHuh HHHHuh, ahem Mmmmmm." Repeat ad infinitum. Yep, I am coughing my brains out. (Why is "Aqualung" running through my head? I wonder.) Excessive coughing means a headache is ensuing, and I have the Advil at the ready. Just need some lunch in my stomach first.

But the upside is this:

A bit of time to post on my blog! The Katrina shell I've started is coming along, slowly (too much grading to do, and too much sickness that has left me napping whenever I can). My friend Monica, fascinated and grateful for the knitted things that come her way due to my obsession, but also a little dubious that her friend Stacie, the young-middle-aged person she knows who strangely enough LIKES knitting and wants to knit at the least provocation, seemed to REALLY admire this one, and that's lovely. But it's pour moi!! However I may take orders for future sleeveless shells. :^)

I've also been working on my friend Deanna's felted purse, with teal as the dominant color, per her request. As you can see, purse still needs a bit of a haircut. Didn't the striping/patterning come out really interesting? I used a more solid Malabrigo that was mostly dark teal and then alternated with another of that line that was more greeny-blue, and this was the result given each one's natural striping tendencies.

What do you think about these I-cord handles, y'all? Should I use any of 'em for the purse handles? None of 'em?

I love the way the Malabrigo ones turned out like little watercolor snakes. But the fuzzy stuff is not doing it for me. I should probably ask Deanna, no?

After lunch and a nap (why do I feel like a kindergartner?) I will grade exams and then perhaps get some time for knitting again. Adieu until I have much more progress to report!


Bells said...

oh those snakes are gorgeous!!!! Tee hee

And yeah, try them as handles. I like that idea. Looking forward to seeing how the purse turns out.

Get well soon!

Janine said...

Did you get your extra yarn? I found the shrug that I knitted from it this morning. (We stayed home from school today with colds.)

Sue H said...

That little felted handbag (purse to you) is cute, and I think the Malabrigo "snakes" would make good handles.
The shell has a very pretty pattern, and I love the colour.