George models his new hat

I hear that George liked his hat a bunch! (I didn't see him as DH left at some horrible pre-5 a.m. hour to meet him for their snow-shoeing adventures.) Here's a pic of him--I want to block those ear flaps and flatten them out for him. (Note to self: one k stitch at each end of the row is NOT enough to stop curling of stockinette stitch.) I'm pretty proud of the I-cord ties and their ends, which I twisted and knotted just like the book told me to. I think I'm getting pretty good at this stuff.

I am still working on the last rows of that baby blanket, but I'm also in the middle of the last part (handle I-cords) for a felted purse I'm going to give to my friend Deanna, and I started the "Same But Different" tank in The Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond the Basics, which my DM gave me for my birthday LAST year. Guess it takes me a bit longer to move beyond the basics to the point of trying a real sweater. But I'm excited--the bottom edge is done in a simple lace stitch that I have previously been to intimidated to try. But the model version was so pretty that I stretched myself and found after frogging it four times that I could do it, and I wasn't even fazed by the need to start over four times! I'm using Katrina (Paton's) and found that it's been discontinued, so I'm now scrambling for one more skein (found 1-1/2 on Destash--luckily) and realizing that the days of buying a few skeins of something to use "someday" are probably gone. I need to purchase yarn with a specific project/pattern in mind now.

Ain't that lacy stitch purdy? Katrina is a bit stretchy, made mostly of rayon, so it has a lovely sheen.

I'm going to make DD3 a kitty hat which she has requested, but I can't remember where I saw/had the pattern for this--pretty simple--hat. I remember that it is a rectangle, basically, with ears. If anyone knows, I'd love to hear your source for this cute quick project.

Happy knitting!

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