Ahhhh! Time to knit

I may never have this arrangement again--three teenage daughters all wanting to cook, a MIL visiting who is never happier than when she is demonstrating her culinary strengths, and the gifts all wrapped and nestled under the tree. So what's a woman to do? Knit! Here are three things I've been working on, just because it is so gratifying to create something quickly.

First, what I have OTN right now is a scarf done in that Knit a row, K1P1 for a row, and repeat pattern. I love the name of the mohair--"chocolate almonds," and the variegated nubbly wool is perfect with it.

Then, I have a shortish scarf made with Kidlin in blue and a variegated nubbly crayon colored wool:

And I also have almost finished the Kidlin/Pandora scarf I started several days ago--it just needs its fringe to be ready to wrap.
"May your days be merry and bright, and may all your knitting jobs go right."


k said...

WOW- that chocolate almonds yarn is gorgeous!!! I love how you knit it up.

Thanks for the tips on the "gloves in a bottle"- I will keep my eyes peeled for it!

Happy New Year!

Bells said...

Lucky you Stacie! All that free time. Lap it up! The scarves are looking really, really good. And how would it be possible to resist knitting with something called Chocolate Almonds??? I couldn't resist.